How to Plan, Prepare, and Succeed on Your High-Stakes Exam

Adam Rosh, MD, the founder of Rosh Review will teach you the strategies, routines and tactics of test-takers who score in the 99th percentile.

28 Lessons

Every one of the 28 lessons teaches a vital aspect of planning, preparing, and executing on exam day, and includes examples, summaries, and checklists.

Deep Dive

Each section takes a deep dive to reveal proven tactics and strategies that you can easily adopt to turn a failure into a pass or achieve the 99th percentile.

Score in the 99th Percentile

You will learn simple, proven techniques that will allow you to score higher on your exam than you ever imagined.

"I am in a competitive field and need to score high on my exam"

You are willing to put in the time and effort and do whatever it takes to achieve the highest possible score on your exam.

To do this, you’ll need to learn the strategies and tactics that set you apart from the other 90% of test-takers.

The Peak Performance course will teach you the best learning practices, help you develop techniques that build critical neural connections, and implement evidence-based learning theory to maximize your knowledge and earn every possible point on your high-stakes exam.

"I failed my exam and need to improve my test-taking skills so I pass my exam the next time I take it"

Many people who fail a high-stakes exam may spend enough time studying, but end up with a result they did not expect.

Studying is much more than simply reviewing content. If you only review content, you'll suffer from the illusion of knowing.

How you engage with the content is more important than the time you spend with it..

Moreover, studying for high-stakes exams is stressful, intense, and emotionally and physically demanding.

By following these lessons, you’ll learn the test-taking skills and life skills needed to earn those few extra points to give you the edge and pass your exam.

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You Have The Knowledge And Are Ready for Your Exam But When It Is Time To Begin...
You Feel Terrible

You second guess yourself, you feel rushed, or you simply cannot remember anything you studied.

If you use study methods that have been shown to lead to a false understanding of the material, you’ll end up not knowing what you need to know when you are taking your exam.

You Feel Rushed & You Make Costly Mistakes

Because you didn't set time aside to simulate actual testing conditions during your study plan.

You Second Guess Yourself & Lose Easy Points

Because you don't know the common traps that test-writers use to create exams.

But What If...

You were able to eliminate all distractions and feel confident and be totally prepared on exam day?

What if you woke up every morning and knew exactly what you needed to study to learn the actual information that will appear on your exam? What if you were able to eliminate wasteful studying and 10X the impact of your study sessions?

You were able to reduce test anxiety and 10X your performance on exam day?

What if you knew all the traps test-writers set on high-stakes exams? What if you knew the 10 genius foods to add to your diet to optimize your exam performance?

You had access to the test-taking strategies of elite test-takers who score in the 99th percentile ?


Peak Performance

The Peak Performance course provides the tools and tactics to 10X the impact of your study sessions and 10X your performance on exam day.

By going through this course, you’ll learn the test-taking skills and life skills needed to earn those few extra points to give you the edge to not only pass your exam, but achieve a score higher than you ever imagined.

The course is divided into sequential sections that tackle every aspect of exam success--from registering for your exam, developing your study schedule, and selecting your materials, to learning proven study techniques, building lunch, dinner, and nighttime routines to improve memory function, and advanced techniques that test-writers don’t want you to know about.


  Welcome to the Peak Performance Course for High-Stakes Exams
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  Section 2: The Reconnaissance Phase
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  Section 3: Developing your Study Day Routine
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  Section 4: Studying
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  Section 5: Being ready for Exam Day
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  Section 6: Exam Day
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  Bonus Section
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Frequently Asked Questions

I believe in you. If you take this course and still fail your exam, you’ll receive a 100% refund (but I’ll need to see your score report).

Oh no! We don't want that! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, let us know and we will refund your payment within 30 days. We would appreciate notification within the first 30 days of the course.

Because this course teaches you tactics and strategies that can be used to enhance your test-day performance, you will benefit from it even the day before your exam. But I do not recommend doing this. The best time to begin this course is one year before your exam. But this is rare! The material is most effective if viewed at least one month before your exam. Still, the earlier you begin, the more time you’ll have to implement the lessons and the higher your score will be..

No. All of the sessions can be viewed asynchronously.

There are 28 lessons divided into 6 sections and a bonus section. It is suggested that you do a complete review of the course over 2–3 weeks and then return to the lessons that are most relevant to the stage of studying you are in.

All standardized and high-stakes exams. The lessons, strategies, and tactics taught in the course can be applied to any exam.

For life! So you can use it again if you take another high-stakes exam.

Yes. Once purchased, you have access to the complete course.

Nope. Everything you need is in the course.

You bet. Simply email [email protected] and I will respond with cheetah-like speed (typically within 24 hours). If it is time-sensitive, please call 248-579-9570

Hear From Our Satisfied Students

"You think you know what to do to get ready for your exam and then you take this course and are blown away! This is hands down the most comprehensive test-prep course out there. It gave me confidence, which translated to a score I never thought I could achieve."

Nadya Tsytsyna, PA-C

"Sitting for high-stakes exams is one of the most anxiety-provoking times in my life. It is incredible what this course did for me to build my confidence and get me over the hump. Not only did I pass my exam, but I scored above the 90th percentile. Wow–never thought that would be possible."

Martin Blackberg, MD

"My knowledge base is strong, but my test-taking skills always seem to get me in trouble and I struggle with standardized exams. This course was the missing link that showed me how to prepare from day 1 to the day I took my board exam. For the first time, I felt so confident. And the outcome? I passed...with my highest score ever!"

Janet Blakemore

This Is Perfect For You If...

You feel anxious and overwhelmed and want an organized system for success

With so many options and so many people telling you how they prepared for their exam, it can get overwhelming. The Peak Performance course introduces a step-wise program that will help you schedule your exam, plan your schedule, select your resources, and excel on exam day.

You failed your exam and need to find a way to pass

Don’t let failure get you down. The Peak Performance course identifies commonly used techniques that lead to failures and introduces proper study tactics and strategies so you feel confident on exam day and earn the points needed to pass your exam, reach our goals, and achieve your dreams

You want to excel and score in the 99th percentile on your exam

If you are determined to take it to the next level and achieve elite status, the Peak Performance course provides you with the secret sauce to earning every extra point on your exam to score off the charts!

But Not For You If...

You are not willing to put the work in

This is not easy….but nothing of great value ever is. The rewards from this course build over time so it is important to stick with it. The course covers a lot of material. Success requires engagement. Just watching the videos is the minimum you need to do. Plan to watch, think, digest, and take action.

You think passing your exam is only about how much time you spend studying

Being a successful test-taker involves more than just developing studying techniques or spending endless days at your desk learning material. If you do that, you are destined to fail. It is critical to understand that caring for yourself psychologically, emotionally, and physically is essential in your success. The same amount of thought and time you invest in reading review books, taking notes, and answering Qbank questions, needs to also be applied to your mind and body.

Empty desk no one studying

It's Finally Time!

To Build Routines To Automate Your Study Day

Explore sample study schedules that that can be used from your first day of studying until you take your exam

To Improve Your Memory, Increase Your Knowledge and Enhance Your Recall

Use the latest research techniques during study sessions to strengthen knowledge-based neural connections

To 10x the Impact of Your Study Sessions

Organize your study blocks to take advantage of the forgetting curve and improve your knowledge recall everyday

To Learn Secret Test-taking Tips That Question Writers

Question writers are humans and make human mistakes. You’ll learn to identify these mistakes and turn them to your advantage to earn more points

To Train Your Body and Brain to Be in Optimal Health on Exam Day

Using the test-taker’s diet and performing light exercise has a direct impact on your state of mind, your focus and energy and your sense of confidence. 10X your performance on exam day. Unlock your full potential by using situational inoculation to simulate testing conditions

To Find Out the Most Common Reasons People Fail Exams

Avoid classic study traps such as the illusion of knowing and other study techniques that may seem effective but often lead to failure

Meet Adam Rosh, MD

Adam Rosh, MD has consistently scored in the 99th percentile on his high-stakes exams. But this was not always the case. At one point in college, his GPA was a 2.1. What changed?

Dr. Rosh’s learning journey spans more than 20 years where he studied students’ successes and failures, learning theory, and study strategies. Along the way, Dr. Rosh authored the best-selling review books PreTest Emergency Medicine and Case Files Emergency Medicine.

In 2011, Dr. Rosh combined his love of education and technology and founded Rosh Review, an on-line test-preparation and distance learning company that serves hundreds of thousands of learners around the world.

Dr. Rosh believes life-long learning is a mindset that is built on the idea that we can grow and achieve if we simply show up, ready to learn. Lifelong-learning is never finished….in fact, Dr. Rosh still takes high-stakes exams (he is a board certified emergency physician and has to take recertification exams) and the study methods and preparations discussed throughout this course are the same ones he uses for himself!

Be Ready on Exam Day

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us.

We’re happy to help.

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